12 Most Iconic Arms From Movies

by Alexander Vostrykov

This time no techniques, advice or exercises. Today - just the list of cool or even subzero (© Top Gear :)) arms from movies. A little bit of backstory. I know one couple, they are both firearm instructors. Every time they watch an action film, they start an unspoken contest: who is the first to name a firearm as soon as it pops up on the screen. Since me and my wife have never had such a contest, we decided to come up with our own: to recall as many cool arms from films as you can.

The criteria for a weapon to get into the list:

#12:Podbyrin 9.2mm Podbyrin 9.2mm from "Red Heat" (1988). "The most powerful handgun in the world". Unfortunately, fictional world, made up by the director Walter Hill who wanted a "P38 but bigger and meaner. A P38 on Steroids". The movie armorer used an IMI Desert Eagle Mark I fitted with a custom barrel and other completely custom elements, put together to somewhat resemble a gigantic Soviet pistol. Today I'm not sure, does it look cool or that was an impression from my childhood?

#11: Franci SPAS-12Franci SPAS-12 from "Snatch" (2000). I cannot say that exactly this gun and related episodes made this movie. But SPAS-12 deserves its place in top charts, at least because of its impressive appearance.

#10:M1887 Shotgun M1887 from "Terminator-2" (1991). I cannot say anything remarkable about this gun itself, but the way Schwarzenegger reloads it, looks awesome. Plus unlike many items on this list, this one is a real gun, which you can buy.

#9:Constantine - Holy ShotgunHoly Shotgun from "Constantine" (2005). Covered with engravings and religious symbols, 12ga, firing gold rifled slugs (probably the most expensive ammo?). Based heavily on the Armsel Striker 12/SWD StreetSweeper. Looks very cool and hopefully not as useless as its front sight...


#8: This place is shared by two devices from "Judge Dredd" (1995). The Lawgiver is not just a handgun featuring semiauto and fully automatic fire (voice-activated by the way), manual and automatic focusing and targeting, multiple types of ammo and so on. The coolest feature of the gun is that the Lawgiver can only be operated by its designated Judge owner, whose palm print (or finger prints) must be programmed into the gun's memory. The best grip safety I have ever seen.

ABC Warrior Robot is not very technically advanced, but probably the most rugged and long-lasting device of them all.

Judge Dredd - Lawgiver and ABC Warrior Robot

#7: Minigun M-134A2Minigun M-134A2 Vulcan from Terminator-2. Since it's a also a real device, the specs are here:
Weight85 lb (39 kg)
Length801.6 mm (31.56 in)
Barrel length558.8 mm (22.00 in)
Cartridge7.62x51mm NATO
Calibre7.62 mm (0.308 in)
ActionElectrically driven rotary breech
Rate of fireVariable, 2,000 - 6,000 rpm
Muzzle velocity2,800 ft/s (853 m/s)
Maximum firing range3,280 ft (1,000 m, 1,093 yd)
Feed system500-5,000-round belt
Sightsno fixed sights

#6:Sex Machine - his gun Sex-Machine's gun of "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). Well, size does matter. I would like the same one, but based on old Colt Peacemaker.

#5: Guitar Case Gun from "Desperado" (1995). By the way, a friend of mine is almost as cool as Banderas in the movie. He lives in a so-so neighbourhood, so he doesn't want to demonstrate that he has firearms, so to go to shooting range he built an unconventional gun case from a guitar case.

#4:Jackal's ZSU-33 "Polish ZSU-33 14.5mm" of "Jackal" (1997). In reality it is a Browning M2HB mocked up as a KPV. This fictional gun has a rate of 1400RPM (while real aforementioned ones have approx. 600RPM), and shoots depleted Uranium rounds.

Jackal claims that these depleted uranium bullets "spall" on impact. In fact, the only reason the cartridges loaded with such projectiles are used, is just because of high density they are good armour-piercing ammo.

#3:ZF-1 Pod Zorg Weapons ZF1 Pod Weapons System of "The Fifth Element" (1997). Built around AKSU (AK-74U), this fictional masterpiece has a magazine of 3000 rounds, able to send bullets in the direction of the first shot regardless of the muzzle direction. Comprises net launcher, ice cube system, flamethrower, rocket launcher as well. True dream of the Mangalores.

#2:M202 FLASH M202 FLASH rocket launcher from "Commando" (1985). Another iconic thing in the hands of Arnie. FLASH stands for FLame Assault SHoulder Weapon (it was meant to become a more lightweight substitute for M2 flamethrower). Now it is quite outdated device, bulky, with finicky ammo (its 66mm incendiary rockets suffered reliability issues), but nevertheless it was even listed in the inventory of U.S. troops in Afganistan.


#1:Death Star DS-1 Death Star from "Star Wars" (1977). Probably, the most dangerous weapon of all times and movies.

Technical Specs (for DS-1)

Diameter75 miles
Engines2 hyperspace motivator units; 2 prop engines;
Maximum Speed1.2c
FuelCompressed stellar hydrogen
Cargo Capacityover 1 Mln kilotons


Troopers, gunners, pilots and support staff774,576
Service technicians378,576-378,685
Stormtroopersapprox. 26,000
Droidsapprox. 400,000


Superlaser1, rate of fire - 1 shot per 24 hours
Tubrolaser batteries5,000
Heavy turbolasers5,000
Laser cannons2,500
Ion cannons2,500
Tractor beam emplacements768

Carried Craft

Capital Ships4
TIE Fighters7,200
Assault Shuttles3,600
Support Craft13,000
Land Vehicles11,016

May the Force be with you!